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WordPress Plugin: Page Break

Page Break is a WordPress Plugin. Adds Page Break Button to WordPress editor For easy insertion of Page Break “<!–nextpage–>” Tag in Blog Posts.

== Download ==

Download from WordPress

== Installation ==

1. Upload ‘page-break’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

  1. How to use “Page Break”?Follow the editor cursor for where to add the “Page Break” then click the “Page Break” Button (find in your editor screen) to insert the pagination in your posts.
  2. How to remove “Page Break”?select the “Page Break” tag and delete it.
  • adrianStireaZilei

    great plugin , is there a way to limit the usage of page greak shortcode in a post/page?

    • There is no-limit!

    • adrianStireaZilei

      I know there is not limit , but , my question was : there is a way to limit the number of shortcodes added in a post/page , lets say ..i have a news site and i let users to add content; i don`t want to let them create post with no more than 3 page breaks for example (i know that i cand modify manualy that thing by editing the post, but i was wondering if there is way to limit the number of page breaks added in a post by a user)

    • User can have as many page break as he/she wants… there is no restriction..

  • iLen

    Hi, How can I get this result? (I do not want it to appear in paged form)

    • For this plugin this is not possible!